Welcome to Microsoft Office 2007

Since my new company Krom Technology Services A.Ş. is a Microsoft partner, I had the chance to experience new Office Enterprise 2007. The only thing can be said about new Office is that Microsoft will never bankrupt unless it gives up Office.

New Office not only brings new applications like Microsoft Groove 2007 (http://office.microsoft.com/assistance/asstvid.aspx?assetid=XT100627131033&vwidth=700&vheight=530&type=flash&CTT=11&Origin=HA101672641033 ), but also Microsoft completely changes how the Office looks. It has to be related with new Vista environment most probably. Old menu bar (File, View, etc.) has been removed and new marshmallow style user menus are presented instead. You can find whatever you search immediately. Moreover you can customize them as you like.

One thing that really beats me is new equation editor Microsoft Office 2007 provides. You don’t need to use Equation Editor 3.0 explicitly any more. You just press Alt + = while you are writing your text and equation editor is opened for you and you embed whatever equation you like into your work.

Other good news is for Adobe Acrobat Professional users. You don’t need Adobe Professional any more in order to convert Office documents into Portable Document Files (pdf). That’s because Office 2007 brings built-in support for pdf and XML Paper Specification (XPS).

Another good thing is Microsoft really improves it crash recovery structure for Office applications. You remember nasty crashes while you are writing you projects. Right? New Office 2007 has a more strong resistance against document corruption.

Besides virtual changes file extensions are also changed in Office 2007. Good old Word documents have docx extensions, Excel files have xlsx extensions. As you may understand all old file extensions are padded with an x letter. Older file Office files can easily be opened but in order to use new features like this new equation editor you need to convert you files to this new format.

One good new is for bloggers, I have prepared this blog post in Office 2007 Word and just click on some buttons to publish it. There exist build-in supports for various blog accounts like wordpress, BlogSpot, etc.

Something came weird to me is that new Office 2007 is not any slower than Office 2003 J

Those are my a few experiences on Microsoft Office 2007 (especially Word, Excel). I have written my senior project report using Microsoft Office 2007 (I can hear the ones saying “This was a risk”J) and convert it to pdf and I will be submitting it tomorrow. It was a fast and good job with the help of Microsoft Office 2007.

You know me. I’ve never been a Microsoft guy, except that I like working with Office. And this new Office is really good.


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  1. Except its database and platform dependent development MS has really enjoyable operating system and office tools, I totally agree with that.

    Thing are much more better with Linux though 😉

    Hope to see more MS articles here :p

    Best regards Great.

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