Boğaziçi University COMPEC Oracle Shows

COMPECBy this Wednesday, every week on Wednesday at 05:00 P.M. I will be presenting the fundamentals of Relational Database Management Systems. For pracitical needs Oracle will be in use. I am not aiming to talk about Oracle technologies or so. Main scope of this 3-4 week sessions is to clerify the answer of question “When/Why do we need to use databases ?” Here is the topic list for this week:

  •  Introduction
    • Who am I ?
    • Data vs. Information
    • What is a database ?
    • What is a data model ?
    • What is a DBMS ?
    • What are the common database types and When/Why do we need them?
    • Flat files vs. Databases
    • ACID
    • Data Independence
    • Databases in CS
    • Carrear as a Database Profession

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  1. Husnu is it possible to share some of your notes from here so much more young people can benefit from your experience?

  2. Ersin İhsan Ünkar

    We will be glad if you share these invaluable presentations and notes, you know, we’re at work and cannot have time to attend these.

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