COMPEC Oracle Show: Day 3: Final

Wow too short. 3 weeks and you know how to use Oracle 🙂 Yes the final menu is here. We first introduce the basics then present the methods of putting some data into little boxes. And now it’s time to pull the desired ones from the box:

  • Fundamental structure of a SQL query sentence (SELECT …)
    • Aliasing
    • Predicates (WHERE…) =, <>, !=, is null,is not null
    • Sorting (ORDER BY…)
    • Aggragation (GROUP BY…)
    • Limiting Aggragation(HAVING…)
  • Joins
    • Equi-join
    • Left-join/Right join
    • Full join
    • IN/NOT IN
  • Set operation
    • MINUS
    • UNION
  • Index
    • Concept of selectivity
    • Which operations use index
    • Unique vs. Non-unique
    • Oracle can’t use index ?!? Bug or Not

Let’s take a seat and enjoy with Oracle…


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