Removing EM Scheduled Backup

Recently, we have integrated our new DWH database with Oracle Grid Manager. We schedule and control the RMAN backups of our all databases from a centric location (Grid Control) for ease of management. However first I need to do is to remove the previously scheduled Oracle Suggested Backup from the EM Database control not to duplicate backup jobs. After searching for a while I couldn’t find a place in Database Control to remove my scheduled backup job by just clicking:). Then I choose the SQL*Plus way of solving the problem.


As all you may know, by 10g Oracle changes its built-in package used to create scheduled jobs from DBMS_JOBS to DBMS_SCHEDULER. Under the Administration tab, EM allows us to create/modify/remove scheduled jobs in a very easy way. Also EM allows us to create scheduled RMAN backups using the graphical EM interface(under Maintenance tab). Although both are scheduled jobs, you can not see a job for RMAN backup in DBA_SCHEDULER_JOBS view after you have scheduled it. But rather you need to look at SYSMAN.MGMT_JOB table.

In conclusion, Oracle just choose not to mix up its own EM jobs with any other user jobs.

Getting rid of the Oracle Suggested Backup Job

Once you query the SYSMAN.MGMT_JOB, you will find out that there is a backup job with job_name something like ‘BACKUP_<SID>_<SOMEID>’. You can ensure this by checking the job_description column. Once you find it removing it is easy. Run the following lines from your SQL*Plus console



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  1. your information is correct. You can, however, see an EM scheduled backup under the RELATED LINKS > Jobs link at the bottom of the page, and you can delete the jobs.

    There is a liablity with this approach. When The backups created under the Maintenance tab that get put into mgmt_job only execute if dbconsole ir running. So if you reboot your box, you need to ensure dbconsole gets started.

  2. Once I have experienced this problem, I was using EM Database Control not the Grid Control in 10g. As far as I remember “Related Links” link is only available in Grid Control till 11g(not sure but it must be in Database Control 11g).
    In Grid Control I exactly use your way of doing the job.

  3. what a great site and informative posts, I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

    I’m Out! 🙂

  4. What a great article! I’m so delighted you chose to write about it.

  5. Thanks. I tend to script the backups and schedule them via cron jobs. Where I work now, the DBAs use the GUI tools. I was looking for the RMAN jobs for a good hour or so then stumbled upon this article via a google search. Thanks.

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