“Oracle Database Backup-and-Recovery Best Practices and New Features” Material

In Open World 2009, my second presentation was a joint session with my friend Timothy Chien who works for Oracle as Principal Product Manager of Database HA products. The room was almost full (~900 people).Thanks to all attendees.  It seems this topic is still hot :). You can find Tim’s and my part below:

  • Part 1 (Timothy Chien’s Presentation)
  • Part 2 (Husnu Sensoy’s Presentation)

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  1. yasin saygılı

    thanks for good sharing

  2. Question regarding the backup for Husnu Sensoy:

    If you backup compress your database like you showed:

    backup as compressed backupset
    check logical incremental level 1
    for recover of copy with
    tag DAILY_COPY database
    filesperset 1;

    recover copy of database with
    tag DAILY_COPY;

    You then show how to restore to your backup with the following command:
    switch database to copy;

    your backup compressed right? What will happen? Your backup will automatically uncompressed?

    • Hi Steeve,
      Let me try to explain what that script does.
      In the first execution, first part of the script ( backup as comp…) understands that it is not possible to get an incremental backup to recover a database copy because there is no backup to be used as a base backup. So it starts to copy all datafiles of database into FRA (those are image copies not backupsets (no compression)).
      In following runs, first part of the script takes incremental compressed backupset backup that contains the changes since previous execution. And the second part(recover copy…) recovers (rolls forwards is a better term maybe) the image copies by using this incremental backupset and makes image copies recent.
      Finally “switch database to copy” command has nothing to do with backupsets but image copies. Command simply update the control file to replace actual file names with image copy names. So there is no automatic uncompression staff.


  3. Hi,

    Realy very good afford for sharing nice materials.

    Thanks and regards,

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