Book Review: Oracle 11g Streams Implementer’s Guide

After attending the CDC implementation session of CERN team in UKOUG 2009, new features of Oracle Streams technology introduced with 11g got my attention. While searching for a suitable resource, I came across with this extremely helpful resource.

The problem about many Oracle books is that they either paraphrase Tahiti (or Oracle My Support notes although it is illegal) or they are built on some pseudo examples generated just to create a problem to find a solution.This book is definitely an exception and it is not for my book-shelf but for my briefcase.

Thanks to Ann L. R. McKinnell and Eric Yen start with a few warm up chapter (Chapter 1) explaining the underlying concepts of streaming idea and its proper usage, Oracle CDC components, and a brief introduction to XStreams which will be detailed in Chapter 6.

Chapter 2 is for database architects who are responsible with designing the replication system such that it will work smoothly for their business. There is an invaluable check list  including almost everything that should be taken into consideration before starting.

Chapter 3 is a kind of implementation chapter of Chapter 2. In order to satisfy the checklist given in previous chapter, this chapter defines the necessary configuration details.

Chapter 4, Chapter 5, and Chapter 6 explains different ways of replication in detail. Keep in mind that you can read Chapter 5 online.

Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 are my favorite ones and I believe those are the reasons why this book is an excellent reference for all implementors. Chapter 7 is explaining the importance of documentation in a replication environment and explain how you can automatically generate your environment map and how you can gather performance data with Oracle utility packages. Chapter 8 is all about troubleshooting in Oracle Streams environment. I think this is the most important part because people keep on changing what you have implemented. The methodology and toolkit to track,diagnose, and solve a problem in your streaming environment is put very clearly in two sub-chapters and 13 bulletins.

To sum up, Oracle 11g Streams Implementor’s Guide is a really niche reference for not only those try to implement an Oracle CDC environment but also  wish to understand essence of replication concepts (almost all are the same with slight changes in terminology and the way they have been implemented).

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