The First Oracle Exadata Certified Implementation Specialist of Turkey

After migrating more than 120 TB of data on Exadata v2 and delivering 4 Exadata Handson Courses in Europe (Germany, Russia, and Belgium), last week my friend Zekeriya Besiroglu told me that they have recently opened up an Exadata certification exam. I have taken the exam last week and pass with 93% score.

Just to guide you guys who will take this exam, it seems that I/O Resource Manager is the most important topic of the exam although this is not true for Exadata customers in my region 🙂


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  1. Tebrikler Hüsnü, gurur duydum, her zamanki gibi 🙂

  2. Aynen Müthiş bir sonuç… helal olsun hüsnü abi 🙂

  3. Tebrikler Husnu! Gurur duyuruk!

  4. Tebrik ederim Hüsnü, başarılar.

  5. Tebrikler başarılarının devamını diliyorum. Harikasın

  6. Tebrikler Husnu, Bu sinavi yurtdisinda da fazla gecen oldugunu zannetmiyorum

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