VMware Tools for Oracle UEK

If you wish to use VMware Tools with Oracle UEK as the guest OS (you should use it in order to interact guest with the host, proper screen resolution and many other functionality) you need to perform some extra steps unlike some other Linux distros. Such as Ubuntu, which can be automatically configured by VMware

Here is the list of actions you should take for installation:

  1. Configure yum on your Linux installation
  2. Using VMware Virtual Machine menu choose Install VMware Tools option which will mount a pseudo device.
  3. Copy VMwareTools-8.8.4-730257.tar.gz  into /tmp and extract it using tar -xzvf VMwareTools-8.8.4-730257.tar.gz 
  4. yum install kernel-headers kernel-uek-devel
  5. ./vmware-install.pl as root

You are done.

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