About Me

A guy who is developing since 12 years-old. I started this stuff by using BASIC. Later on PASCAL and so and so. I have used 15-16 languages so far including markup and scripting languages. Finally I decided to shape my carrier as an Information Enginnering. That’s all…

  1. Husnu,

    It sounds like your childhood was somewhat like mine… I started when I was 11 with a little bit of BASIC, then Fortran, Pascal etc.. Of course, the first computer I used had 4K of memory… 🙂

  2. Hi Antonio,
    It seems that many people has dirt his hands in BASIC somehow. Another common thing for you and me is that we finally find the wisdom in processing huge amount of data 🙂

  3. good choice….

  4. I tried your instructions on installing Oracle on VirtualBox, but I get an error on the udev rules, it states invalid rule? Does anything else need to be donw in order for the rules to work as you have published?

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