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NYOUG SIG Webinar: Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance for Exadata Backup & Recovery

In Friday December 14, 2012 at 12:00 PM -1:00 PM EDT I will be giving a webinar for NYOUG SIG with the following abstract
When it comes to the backup and recovery infrastructure of the Exadata Database Machine, conventional solutions often have only limited performance to keep up with Exadata throughput, whereas Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance can be configured as a very fast, capable, and easy-to-manage backup and recovery solution for any Exadata environment. In this session Husnu Sensoy will describe some of the configuration possibilities of the ZFS Storage Appliance to create a flexible backup and recovery environment for Exadata, as well as various tuning do’s and dont’s to maximize your backup and recovery performance.

Join me to hear more about ZFS Storage Appliance and Exadata.


Oracle Day 2012 Presentation

We are back from OOW 2012 and now it is time to broadcast what we learn in San Francisco. So as a TROUG Founder I will be presenting my Open World Session in Turkey this time. Join me if you wish to hear more about data mining, optimisation,etc. this time in Turkish.

Here are session details:

  • What: Veri Madenciligi Veritabaninda Yapilir: Uygulamalariyla Oracle R Enterprise ve Oracle Data Mining Opsiyonu (Database Data Mining: Practical Enterprise R and Oracle Advanced Analytics)
  • When: 15th of November 2012 14:20 – 14:50
  • Where: Istanbul Kongre Merkezi, Taskisla Caddesi Harbiye 34367, Istanbul/Turkiye

Join me and learn that BI is not about filtering tables, rotating tables, combining and aggregating tables without knowing the actual reason of doing them 🙂

By the way here are other TROUG Sessions in Oracle Day 2012

TROUG Day 2012: System Design for a Million TPS

Here are the slides (System Design for a Million TPS) for my talk in TROUG Day 2012. Many of you also asked for the name of the book I have mentioned. It was

The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis: Techniques for Experimental Design, Measurement, Simulation, and Modeling by R. K. Jain

Thank you for joining us in TROUG Day 2012.

Open World 2012 Session: Slides are Available Now !!!

Here is my presentation.
Enjoy it !!!

Open World 2012 Session

The time came and it is Oracle Open World time once again. I fly San Francisco next week to join the largest technology event in the world. This will be the Complex Event Processing, Advanced Analytics and Data Warehousing year for me in Open World.

After spending a non-speaker year (2011), this year I will be presenting on Oracle Enterprise R and ODM by going over several use cases. Here are session details:

  • What: Database Data Mining: Practical Enterprise R and Oracle Advanced Analytics
  • When: 1st of October 2012 16:45 – 17:45
  • Where: Moscone West – 3016

Join me and learn that BI is not about filtering tables, rotating tables, combining and aggregating tables without knowing the actual reason of doing them 🙂

My Open World 2010 Session

Hi there,

You can find my joint Solidify RMAN Backup with Oracle Open Storage 7000 presentation with my esteemed friend Orhan Bıyıklıoglu held yesterday in Open World 2010.

Oracle Sweden User Group (ORCAN) Event

I have been in Sweden (in a japanese spa hotel near Stockholm City) between Monday and Wednesday to join ORCAN event. Thanks to Patrik Norlander and his friends, the event was really perfect. I had two presentations and joined presentations of other ACEs and experts.

I spent my time in talking with Dan Morgan on a possible Turkey Oracle User Group Event, with Jose Senegacnik on Oracle and planes, with Dimitri Gielis whether APEX 4.0 is sufficiently mature to grow large scale applicaitons, and finally with Luca Canali about recent Oracle Streams projects in CERN.

Thanks guys,

it was a perfect time for me

My Presentations

“Oracle Database Backup-and-Recovery Best Practices and New Features” Material

In Open World 2009, my second presentation was a joint session with my friend Timothy Chien who works for Oracle as Principal Product Manager of Database HA products. The room was almost full (~900 people).Thanks to all attendees.  It seems this topic is still hot :). You can find Tim’s and my part below:

  • Part 1 (Timothy Chien’s Presentation)
  • Part 2 (Husnu Sensoy’s Presentation)

“How to Achieve All in One with Oracle 11g” Material

Here is the content of my first presentation in Open World 2009:

How to Achieve All in One with Oracle 11g

My Second Session in Oracle Open World 2009


My second session will take place on 13th of October in Moscone South Room 104 at 14:30, and with session ID# S311394.

In this presentation we will be presenting together with my friend Timothy Chien who is a principal product manager in HA group (RMAN, data guard,etc) at Oracle.

For my part, I will be presenting the backup & recovery best practices of a newly implemented cluster environment (“all-in-one” RAC grid to be discussed in my other presentation) over 11g Release 1 in the first part. In the second part, I will be sharing my initial experiences about backup & recovery in 11g Release 2 over real Telco data warehouse data.

If you wish to learn more about real-life B&R experiences of a DBA who is responsible with +200 TB of data warehouse environment, join us at OOW.