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Slides and Offline Recording of my NYOUG Webinar

I have announced my webinar on Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance for Exadata Backup & Recovery in NYOUG DBA webinar series. You can download webinar slides and voice recod from NYOUG web site

NYOUG SIG Webinar: Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance for Exadata Backup & Recovery

In Friday December 14, 2012 at 12:00 PM -1:00 PM EDT I will be giving a webinar for NYOUG SIG with the following abstract
When it comes to the backup and recovery infrastructure of the Exadata Database Machine, conventional solutions often have only limited performance to keep up with Exadata throughput, whereas Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance can be configured as a very fast, capable, and easy-to-manage backup and recovery solution for any Exadata environment. In this session Husnu Sensoy will describe some of the configuration possibilities of the ZFS Storage Appliance to create a flexible backup and recovery environment for Exadata, as well as various tuning do’s and dont’s to maximize your backup and recovery performance.

Join me to hear more about ZFS Storage Appliance and Exadata.


The First Oracle Exadata Certified Implementation Specialist of Turkey

After migrating more than 120 TB of data on Exadata v2 and delivering 4 Exadata Handson Courses in Europe (Germany, Russia, and Belgium), last week my friend Zekeriya Besiroglu told me that they have recently opened up an Exadata certification exam. I have taken the exam last week and pass with 93% score.

Just to guide you guys who will take this exam, it seems that I/O Resource Manager is the most important topic of the exam although this is not true for Exadata customers in my region 🙂

Exadata v2 Fast Track Session Slides in RAC SIG Turkey

You can find my Exadata v2 Fast track slides for my 1 hour session in Oracle RAC SIG on last Saturday
Oracle Exadata v2 Fast Track