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Book Review: Oracle GoldenGate 11g Implementer’s Guide


As being a consultant in VLDB domain, one of the most popular questions of today is “How can I feed my data warehouse/reporting environment in real-time?” Yet another one is “How can I offload my reporting activity over my OTP environment without generating any time gap between reality and what is being reported?” In addition, I am a bit depressed to see people taking CDC (Change Data Capture) products as DR (Disaster Recovery) solutions.

It was two years ago in ACED briefing when Thomas Kurain declared that GoldenGate is Oracle’s strategic real-time integration solution. After that, I have spent quite a few time to understand merits and drawbacks of this product. I have talked customers want to use it, already using it, and suffering it. Almost all sites annoyed with the same problems

  • It is very hard to configure GoldenGate
  • It is very hard to monitor&manage GoldenGate
  • Oracle documentation is still not sufficient for them.

To be honest it is hard to say that they are wrong.

Last week I have read John P. Jeffries’s Oracle GoldenGate 11g Implementer’s Guide and I can easily say that it is a nice piece of material built just to make reader a successful GoldenGate implementer. There is no dictionary-based definition of GoldenGate concepts like Extract, Trail File, Data Pump, etc. as it is in Oracle formal documentations. The book is structured in “Let me show what I define above” fashion. The book is full of details to show you the way of implementing up and running GoldenGate systems. However, I will continue to write on my favorite sections.

Chapter 6: Configuring Golden Gate for HA is on how to configure GoldenGate on a RAC database. Chapter covers to integrate GoldenGate with clusterware software to enable automatic failover. I have seen customer sites still writing custom scripts for this. Therefore, this chapter is a good how to for RAC implementers.

Chapter 8: Managing Oracle GoldenGate is a chapter mainly about reporting performance metrics and errors of functional GoldenGate systems. Chapter explains to report your GoldenGate errors, latency, and throughput and interpret them.

Chapter 9: Performance Tuning is on tuning GoldenGate using parallel extracts and replicates and tuning GoldenGate storage and network for best performance.

To sum up, if you are a newbie in GoldenGate but responsible with implementing a new GoldenGate environment or maintaining an existing one, this book might be a good resource for you.