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Create your Own R Server on Oracle Linux

It is very common to have people running R on their individual PCs. One major problem is the hardware limitations of  your PCs will inhibit you to deal with large volumes of data.

Moreover if you wish to use Oracle R Enterprise you need a database connectivity and for some platforms like Mac there is no client available yet. In this post you will find how you can install R in a centralised fashion so that any individual can access it via their favorite browser.

Preparing Oracle Enterprise Linux

  • Ensure that ol5_u6_base (or a further release) and el5_addons (ol5_addons is also ok) repos are enabled in /etc/yum.repos.d/public-yum-el5.repo file(by setting enabled flag to 1)
  • Issue yum install R.x86_64 (Notice that R package is in el5_addons and other dependendents from el5_addons and ol5_u6_base)
  • Download 64-bit RStudio-Server by issuing wget
  • Install RStudio-Server by issuing sudo rpm -Uvh rstudio-server-0.96.331-x86_64.rpm
  • Start a browser and go to http://<rstudio-servername&gt;:8787

  • Provide your linux authentication details
  • RStudio-Server is ready to use