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My Open World 2010 Session

Hi there,

You can find my joint Solidify RMAN Backup with Oracle Open Storage 7000 presentation with my esteemed friend Orhan Bıyıklıoglu held yesterday in Open World 2010.

“Oracle Database Backup-and-Recovery Best Practices and New Features” Material

In Open World 2009, my second presentation was a joint session with my friend Timothy Chien who works for Oracle as Principal Product Manager of Database HA products. The room was almost full (~900 people).Thanks to all attendees.  It seems this topic is still hot :). You can find Tim’s and my part below:

  • Part 1 (Timothy Chien’s Presentation)
  • Part 2 (Husnu Sensoy’s Presentation)

“How to Achieve All in One with Oracle 11g” Material

Here is the content of my first presentation in Open World 2009:

How to Achieve All in One with Oracle 11g

My Second Session in Oracle Open World 2009


My second session will take place on 13th of October in Moscone South Room 104 at 14:30, and with session ID# S311394.

In this presentation we will be presenting together with my friend Timothy Chien who is a principal product manager in HA group (RMAN, data guard,etc) at Oracle.

For my part, I will be presenting the backup & recovery best practices of a newly implemented cluster environment (“all-in-one” RAC grid to be discussed in my other presentation) over 11g Release 1 in the first part. In the second part, I will be sharing my initial experiences about backup & recovery in 11g Release 2 over real Telco data warehouse data.

If you wish to learn more about real-life B&R experiences of a DBA who is responsible with +200 TB of data warehouse environment, join us at OOW.

My First Session in Oracle Open World 2009

photo08 This year I will be presenting in OOW again. It will be my first presentation in OOW as an Oracle ACED. My first session will be on using Oracle 11g RAC, Linux, and Infiniband technologies in consolidating your data center. This year, one of the largest telecommunication technologies companies of Europe has implemented a 6 node RAC (144 Intel cores, 768 GB memory, with ~25TB storage) in order to increase its overall data center utilization and decrease its administration costs.

In this session of “allinone” cluster, you will be hearing how we have achieved more with less effort by moving more than 17 different single instance databases over this commodity Oracle RAC environment. Here are some questions I will be trying to answer throughout the session :

  • Why do you need consolidation (Do you ?) ?
  • How to architect such a system ?
  • Why to bother about Infiniband for such a large implementation ?
  • Why ASM is a must for such a large implementation ?
  • How to standardize backups, init.ora, and grid environment management ?
  • Why separation of Linux users for CRS,ASM,etc is critical ?
  • And many others…

Let’s meet with the youngest Oracle ACE Director in Open World @ session S307853.

For other sessions given by other ACEDs refer to OTN TechBlog.