Oracle Enterprise Linux for Home User: Install Latest Firefox Version

It is a joy to use Linux for any purpose. Although Oracle Linux is mainly designed for enterprise stack, a stable operating system for a technical user is always a need.

However default configurations and program versions are not suitable for daily use always. One example of this is Firefox 3.0.6 available in Oracle Linux (or Red Hat). Here is how you can upgrade it to 17.0

Download latest Firefox release from Mozilla web page. Then unpack and install it by simply following.

tar -xjvf firefox-17.0.tar.bz2
cp -r firefox /opt/
ln -sf /opt/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

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  1. Thanks for supporting Oracle Linux! It’s actually more comfortable to use RPM and yum for this, no need to manually download and extract the packages: (these instructions apply to Oracle Linux, too)

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